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Our Promise

Our law firm is an active one. We work extremely hard to diligently represent our clients and take care of their legal needs both in and out of court. We realize that no two cases are exactly alike, but we focus on each individual case and do whatever is necessary to make sure that your rights are respected and that you receive what you are entitled to under the law. We don’t want to just handle your case efficiently; we will also handle it correctly. Our firm strives to provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services to every client.

Whether that means helping you through a divorce, custody dispute, child support issue, adoption or any other family law matter, getting you the compensation you deserve for a personal injury, or defending you from either misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, we provide individualized, focused representation to each client.

Our Practice

At the Law Office of Angela S. Brooks, we represent our clients with sound legal advice and a realistic approach to the facts of their case. Mrs. Brooks has extensive experience in different practice areas, which helps us give our clients more broad-based, knowledgeable representation for their cases.

Sometimes people do not seek the guidance of an attorney for fear that doing so would be too expensive and complicated. We will do all we can to alleviate that fear right away. Your first consultation is always free.During that first meeting you will find out whether your problem requires the assistance of an attorney and what we can do to help. Fees and costs are discussed up front. When you enter our office you will know that Mrs. Brooks and her staff members genuinely care about you and your legal concerns. If we cannot give your case the attention it deserves we will tell you up-front. We do not take cases unless we can devote the resources necessary to attend to them properly.

Our Belief
While Mrs. Brooks is highly knowledgeable and very experienced in working with the law, we firmly believe in letting our clients decide what's best for them. That means we have adopted a hands on approach to encourage our clients to be actively involved in their own case. It is our job to keep our clients informed of their rights and circumstances so they have the tools necessary to make those key decisions. With all of the past client and practicing attorney referrals we receive, we know our clients appreciate that approach.

Welcome to Our Website

The Law Office of Angela S. Brooks, located in Tupelo, Mississippi, is here to serve your legal needs. On our web site you will find out more about our firm, and the types of cases we handle. Most importantly, if we can help you in any way do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Us

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